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Within their freshness, neo-vintage watches may also be regarded as too clinical, using their completely new body and insufficient any indications of use. It's using these ideas in your mind which i received the Longines Legend Diver Replica and made the decision allow it per week Around The Wrist. Therefore i did, however with a twist: I wanted to visit past the superficial question of resemblance using the vintage model, making this Longines face all of the roughness it had been engineered to resist. Therefore, I used it for seven full days at ocean, where it took its great amount of brine and sun - having a select few of buddies, sailing within the Caribbean.

The Longines Legend Diver Date replica continues to be on my small wrist for a few days and I must say that's a very comfortable wearer. The 42-mm diameter is simply perfect and matches the present "standard" size for such timepieces. I'm able to only think the original form of this should have appeared huge in early 1960s! A primary reason why it's so comfortable is most likely the synthetic strap that is included with the timepiece. Sleep issues from the synthetic strap includes a lining of the felt-like material. This helps to ensure that the timepiece is simple around the wrist (no sweating issues) which stays put.

The Legend diver is really a tribute to Longines' 42mm Super Compressor. Many facets of the timepiece are the same original, while much continues to be altered. Situation diameter is identical, however the thickness from the watch is larger. It isn't obtrusively thick and also the extra thickness within the lugs allows among the awesome chunky leather straps which are for sale to be installed. The crowns possess the correct mix hatching in it, however they screw lower. The very has got the same curvature because the original, but it's now made from a really impressive bit of domed azure. Thankfully, they ended the AR coating, therefore it continues to have a few of the warmth from the original. Overall, the timepiece maintains the appearance from the original, however with some decidedly modern features.

Longines Replica were built with a much the same diver watch, by having an automatic caliber 290 Longines movement inside. This 42mm Longines Diver watch had dimensions that are the same current Longines Legend Diver watch. High quality Longines replica watches did a properly job re-desiging this icon using their own heritage.